Get Together

Get Together is a cooperative puzzle adventure for PC & mobile.

You follow two unlucky beings who got separated. You help them on their journey throughout mystical environments brimming with magic.

The key point of this game is that Get Together is played by two people, each playing on a different device. You have to rely on each other and communicate to be able to solve the riddles you are going to face to be able to reunite.

I worked on both music and sounddesign for this game.


The game has an atmospheric soundtrack that emphasizes the area that the players are in (caves, temples, forests) through it’s instrument choices, while at the same time giving room for the player’s communication and puzzle-solving.


The Get Together soundtrack makes strong use of a musical leitmotif that emphasizes the communication aspect of the game.
The special thing about this leitmotif: it can be split in two – just like the protagonist of Get Together is being split in two halves at the beginning of the game!
And the two parts of the melody sound a bit like a question that is being answered in the second half – just like the two players have to ask questions about what the other player sees on their screen.

Get Together Melody

I’m super honored that the Get Together soundtrack was featured on Bandcamp as one of the best game soundtracks of 2021. You can listen to the whole soundtrack there!

Sound Design: Feedback Sounds

Since this game is all about puzzle solving, many of the sound effects I designed for the game were UI sounds.
Here’s a short overview over all kinds of UI and feedback sounds that are in the game!

The background music of Get Together is never in the same key and yet there are so many tonal sound effects.
I challenged myself to create a separate version of all tonal sounds in the game so that they would always fit the key of the background music that’s playing.
In this example you can hear the sync-point soundeffect in different levels!

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